1MATION is a producer of specialized sports apparel and accessories with it’s main field to be dry-fit garments. Our collection focus in quality both of materials but also in design and uniquity.
Petros: is an avid runner, a traveler, a marketeer and an explorer of consumer behavior. He studied mathematics, business, strategy and more… and he continues to do so. When he is not training for a marathon, he is planning the next big adventure somewhere in Greece. He keeps the machines oiled and run this whole thing -at least we let him believe so. Dimitris: design and print communication specialist and a social connector. He holds a degree in Printing Management and Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. Today, Dimitris is the CEO of Dot Repro S.A., a creative print services provider. He is a founding member and Board member of Young Leaders, the Hellenic Young Entrepreneurs Association and a Board member of the Costeas-Geitonas Alumni Association and the non-profit organization Dance For A Cause. Man of many talents, he is a greek multitool! and as so, a womanizer! Yannis: likes to introduce himeself as a rock climber -among others. He studied computer enginnering and industrial design. As an experienced graphic artist and web designer he is responsible for our whole production line and identity and he usually hangs himself on a rope, slides on snow, and rides his bike. He is a sports maniac, control freak and perfectionist. A complete maniac.
Our production is based in Athens. Everything is visioned and is being produced in Athens. We use as much as we can greek or european materials.
We have had, all of us, the ordinary garments (branded or not) and who they want to be different by stating on them either the sport they love, the music they listen, a moto they aspire or just their mood on a high quality functional garment! We are here and we want to disturb the ordinary.
Periklis, sport climber -again, among others- is a trainer in sport climbing and an action photographer. He has a diploma in Physical Training. All the amazing photos of this site are his. He goes crazy when you take one of his photos or videos without permission. He is a trail tunner -a fast one- so, behave...